What Exactly Black Hat SEO is?

Black Hat SEO is all about manipulating the Search Engines in order to get better rankings in search results. Google has set some guidelines for SEO which we should follow but in spite of that, in the hurry of getting quick on the top few marketers apply all those optimization activities that violate the basic Search Engine guidelines. But this technique can be very harmful to your website as Google can BAN it in near future.

How does it work?                                                                          

A Black Hat SEO user uses many targeted keywords and especially low competition keywords which make it easier to rank. Though it is effective and brings your website on top rankings in few days but professionals strictly not recommend it because it can cost your business.

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Black Hat SEO Techniques:

Auto Generated Content: Using different content spinning tools and creating fake content includes in this kind of SEO.

Hidden Text and Links: Using this trick like same background or text behind an image or 0 size fonts to hide extra keywords and links from users.

Redirects: When a user visits any other site and that redirects to your website then it is also against the guidelines of Google.

Keyword Stuffing: In this technique, lots of keywords are inserted in one page to influence the search results and manipulating search rankings.

Cloaking: It means making two versions of the same page to fool search engines but it displays something else to the visitors.

Doorway or Gateway Pages: These are low-quality web pages which have not enough content bull filled with keywords.

Mirror Websites: The process of making many websites with the same content is called mirror websites.

Page Hijacking: In this technique, the dummy or bogus content is shown as original content to the crawler but it leads the user to any other nasty or fraud website.

Why is it harmful to the website?

First of all, it is against the terms and conditions and guidelines of Google. Of course, Google can detect all the Black Hat SEO very easily and block the website permanently. If you are using multiple websites sharing one hosting and applying Black Hat SEO then the other websites can also be affected. So it is advisable to use White Hat SEO for risk-free business.

This was a little information about Black Hat SEO. Do not use it for permanent Ban from Google. For a long period of time, use White Hat SEO which is more beneficial than this.

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