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If you are a student, employee, or housewife and want to earn some part-time money then you are at right place. We will tell you some ways to earn money online-

  1. Referral Program– As the name suggests, refer any application to your friend or relatives and get some extra money and gift.

Ex. – There are lots of applications available in android phones which are paying you for sharing and referring. Some applications pay you real money while other pay for coupons and mobile recharge etc.

  1. Affiliate Programs– You can affiliate the link of products from Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. for selling and purchasing. If someone buys a product from that affiliated links then you will be paid some amount.
  1. Short Link– If you have an FB page or a blog with lots of likes and views then you can earn money through a short link. Already lots of crowds come to your page or blog and if you put any short link on it then you will be paid if any viewer clicks on that link.
  1.    Advertising on your Facebook Page – Today everyone wants to promote their business, brands, products online and Facebook is the most used social media website in India. So you can let the company advertise on your FB page and get paid.
  1. – If you are expert in any online services like logo designing, web designing, digital marketing then this site is specially made for you. You can provide the services to the customers and can earn huge money by
  1.  Online Survey – You can do online surveys in your free time & get paid by some websites like – Swagbucks, Toluna, OnePoll, Vivatic, MySurvey etc.
  1.  Buy and Sell Goods Online– You can sell your useless things on quicker and olx and can purchase things at lesser prices. Now you can sell it to the third party at a higher price. This is a popular way to earn money online.
  1.    Domains Buy & Sell– You can buy some couple of domains which seem to be popular in future as – any event related domain, any place related domain. After getting popularity you can sell the domains as per your desired price. If would be got famous, then even only one domain can make you very rich.
  1. 9.Start a Blog – You can start a blog and increase your viewers. Get it Adsense approved and make huge money.
  1. Start with a website – If you have a well-maintained website then you can get it Adsense approved and get paid for the shown advertisements.
  1. Youtube – This is the most popular way to earn huge money online. You can create your own channel on YouTube and upload videos and monetize them. Try to increase the subscribers and viewers which will be helping in increasing your income.

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We have told you some most effective ways of earning online. But if you want to learn more, then associate with DMIR, the best digital marketing institute in Rohini.

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